Inductive Bible Study Handbooks

This Inductive Bible Study manual was written by Pastor Larry, to assist any Christian in studying the Bible.  The inductive method is an accurate,and careful way to study Scripture.  It also minimizes the dangers of doctrinal and denominational preconceptions.

Originally written in 2001, the IBS manual has been revised several times.

In 2006 it was translated into French by Nicolas Roy.

In 2009 it was translated into Arabic by Joseph Shehata.

In 2013 it was translated into Spanish by Morayma Salas.

The IBS manual is available to anyone wanting to study or teach God’s word in any part of the world where people speak English, Arabic, Spanish, or French.

English version: English IBS Manual

Arabic version: Arabic IBS Manual

French version: French IBS Manual

Spanish version: IBS Manual-Spanish 6-12-13